Why You Should Be Doing House Shows

Why You Should Be Doing House Shows

Written by: indieonthemove

08/11/2014 08:06 am


**Guest post written by Wade Sutton of Rocket to the Stars.

“When you take into consideration how many singers and musicians complain about the current state of artist-venue relationships, you would think most performers would jump at the opportunity to explore alternative methods of putting on shows and generating income. Stop for a moment and think about how often you have heard an artist, maybe even yourself, bitching about having to fight to get booked at a venue, venues not paying you what you think you deserve, or disagreements with venue operators over which party had a greater responsibility to promote a show, etc.

+Why Bands Need to Stop Bitching

I’m here to tell you that there IS an alternative live show model, house shows, that many artists ARE having a great deal of success with. But what amazes me is that more artists aren’t doing them, mostly considering house shows take several disadvantages of the more common club/bar shows and tips them in the artists’ favor. So I reached out to somebody for answers…



…Meet Madalyn Sklar…

“Work smarter, not harder” is the saying etched on the keystone of everything Madalyn Sklar teaches her clients and followers. With an extensive background in social media and marketing, Madalyn is the creator of GoGirls Music, a web-based community designed to promote, support, and empower female artists throughout the United States and around the world. She also serves as a blogger, music business coach, and social media consultant (to artists of both genders). Oh…and Curve magazine named her one of the Ten Most Powerful Women in Music and she has moderated music panels at several events, including SXSW in Austin, Texas.


…Shows on the artists’ terms…

The idea of a house show is to take an artist’s live performance out of the more traditional club or bar setting and place it in a more intimate environment such as somebody’s house. No more haggling with venue owners. No more concerns about using the venue’s sound system (and possibly unreliable sound technician). No more competing for attention with that night’s playoff game airing on the televisions over the bar. The entire concept of the house show places in the hands of the artist nearly complete control of everything that goes on, according to Madalyn.

“You have a model where the artist books the house shows by finding super fans willing to host it,” Madalyn says. “And the artist can go so far as to create a checklist with everything on it from how to market the house show to how to set it up.”

The most common way house shows are being organized, at least at the moment, is having bands work through a “presenter”. The presenter runs point on everything with the show, addressing the needs of the artist and making sure the show is organized in a manner conducive to the artist’s wishes. While it is common to have a presenter be a fan of the artist or band, professional promoters are starting to add “house show presenter” services to their own offerings.

“Usually people coming to the show are asked to pay around $20,” Madalyn explained further. “And that is typically presented as a donation. The presenter of the show keeps a small percentage of the money to cover expenses like food and drinks but the artists also have their merchandise table set up. So they make money at the door and at the merchandise table.”

A business model like this SHOULD be extremely attractive to a lot of artists, particularly soloists looking to do more acoustic shows in an effort to build up their fan base and bring in some more money. Put it into perspective: A soloist does a one-hour house show attended by, say, thirty people. That is $600 at the door, most of which is pocketed by the artist. Put on a good show and mingle with people and maybe you move $100 in merchandise and half of those people sign up for your e-mail list. That means you walk away from a one-hour show with just shy of $700 and a handful of new e-mail subscribers whom not only can you now market to directly, but those new fans might also be future presenters for additional house shows later in the year.

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And you do it all without the common stresses and aggravations typically brought on by performing at a bar or a club. So how much success are artists having with house shows?

– See more at: http://www.indieonthemove.com/blog/2014/08/why-you-should-be-doing-house-shows#sthash.JyRuexVk.dpuf



K’Sandra: Band Of The Week

??????????????Make no mistake; KSANDRA is a pop artist.  But, she is a pop artist who has a rock & roll heart.  She shares the soul of some of her LA rock heroes like Jimi Hendrix and The Doors – artists who touched people through the sheer honesty of their music.  Then she takes it up a notch by blending in the latest synthesizers and irresistible dancefloor beats.  The music sneaks into your ears at the same time it moves up from your feet, and meets in the middle. The result is pure KSANDRA – music for the mind, body and heart.


Five Fab Fotos with Eric Black, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Thanks to my friend Art from THISISSOUTHWARK! Please check out and follow this blog! There’s always something that will capture your attention.


Meet Eric Black, Owner/Creator at Revolver Underground:

I guess you could call me a Jack of all trades…at least in the music industry it seems. I started singing when I was very young. My dad always had the radio on to a local country station so I was brought up on country but soon found rock music and have been a fan ever since. I like all music as a whole, however. I’ve been in bands since I was 18 and my current band MortalRising is an acoustic-driven rock duo.A few years back I started a booking and promotions company that booked mostly venues in my home town. I also DJ’d at a local rock station and hosted as a VJ on occasion for BalconyTV (www.balconytvnashville) and For The Record for a while in Nashville but I had my first taste of radio in mid-2008 at a privately…

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Ana Free: Band Of The Week

UPLOAD+PRESS+PHOTO+-+jpg+or+png+-Ana+Free+3+low+ResAna Free has been a performer, artist and songwriter since the age of 11, and has written over 600 original songs to date. Ana Free grew up expressing her thoughts in songs. She says that if you read her songbooks, you’ll know her life story. At the age of 8, she learnt to play the guitar, her signature instrument, and began sticking ideas and melodies together.
Fast-forward 13 years to 2008. Fresh out of university in the UK, the British-Portuguese pop artist had already garnered a large share of the new exploding media audience. With over 35 million unique video views, combined with her armada of YouTube subscribers, Ana independently released her first singles in Portugal. She was featured in a large advertising campaign which helped push her music into the number 1 spot on the national charts.
She continued to pursue her passion through 2009, touring over 30 shows, writing and recording for her fans and traveling around the globe. She embarked on a series of different projects, including recording the Portuguese Tinkerbell theme tune for Disney, releasing a pop EP project “Radian” which she debuted in North America to sold out shows in Miami and New York City.
Ana went on to release her debut album “TOGETHER” in 2013. It has enjoyed huge radio success in her home country with all 3 singles reaching number 1 on MTV. In early 2013, Ana partnered with Volkswagen as the music face of the new Beetle Cabriolet ASAP Campaign 2013, filmed in Hawaii.
In 2014 Ana Free was a top 10 finalist in the Guitar Center Singer Songwriter Competition which received over 10,000 submissions across the USA. Ana was handpicked by the Grammy award-winning producer Don Was to compete in the finals.
Currently based in Los Angeles, Ana Free is playing shows across the US, working alongside various television series for music as well as working on her next EP project.
Aside from swiftly continuing to build an impressive brand, Ana Free has opened stages from festivals to sold-out arenas for artists including Shakira, Colbie Caillat, James Morrison, Snoop Lion, Linkin Park, Joe Brooks and played a 15000 people crowd at the American Airlines arena in Miami.
Check out www.anafree.com for the latest news, photos, videos and lyrics. Visit the Official YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/anafree for updates.


Lotus Effect

LotusEffectA post-alternative rock group from Houston, TX, Lotus Effect was at the fore-front of the post-alt movement in Houston since 2006. What started out as an experimental progressive jam band quickly matured into a mainstream heavy rock group without shedding the progressive tendencies that came to characterize their Southern post-progressive alternative sound.

Founded by classically trained, progressive drummer Gabriel Blog, with bassist Jason Malley and guitarist Rick Marquez, the current lineup features original member Rick Marquez, along with singer Dremaceo Giles, bassist Vincent Fink and drummerRichie Caldwell.

While some would describe Lotus Effect’s sound as a combination of Coheed and Cambria fronted by Incubus, their unconventional songwriting process draws cues from dreams, literature, film, and classical art, while creating songs that suggest a musical influence from such mainstream avant-garde bands such as System of a Down, Soundgarden, Deftones and Tool.

The band released their first EP “Rabbits & Royalty” in 2010, which brought them critical acclaim along with the 2010 Houston Press Music Award for “Best Rock.” The group has performed with eclectic national acts such as Nico Vega, Semi Precious Weapons, Kings X, Katatonia and more.

Their debut full-length album “Totality” is scheduled for a fall 2013 release.


Band Of The Week: Brigit Jackson

Brigit JacksonBrigit’s creative style is refreshing with her captivating vibrato and unforgettable lyrics. An awesome presence that commandeers the stage and can rock a crowd! On the outside, this soft-spoken beauty harbors an exciting voice that can rise to any occasion while performing sultry rhythm and blues, pop/rock, and country! A soulful voice, svelte lyrics complimented by hypnotic melodies and harmonies over hard-hitting beats, she possesses a fresh, creative sound.

Growing up in under-privileged communities, Brigit channeled her passion into music and hasn’t looked back! Her songs are emotional compositions that will take you on a journey! She’ll make you FEEL it!

She enjoys collaborating with other artists and is currently working on a new mix CD project. She writes and co-produces all of her material.

Brigit also volunteers for charity organizations. Most notably, she assisted the Children’s Restoration Network and their huge benefit concert to help the homeless children in Atlanta. The concert was officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest concert on July 24, 2010 after 343 hours of non-stop live music.

She is currently in rotation at Women of Substance Radio (WOSRadio), an internet station that supports Indie Artists.




Jesse Scott: Band Of The Week

UPLOAD+PRESS+PHOTO+-+jpg+or+png+-iamjessescott-16Jesse Scott is a Singer/ Songwriter from an inner city neighborhood of Oklahoma City who moved to the big Los Angeles city in order to further his music career. After having radio success with his single “Hey You”, he landed a publishing and production deal with Honua Music. With the help of Ronald Moss, the owner of Honua Music and former head of A&R and Executive Vice President/Creative at Rondor Music International, Jesse was able to work with amazing writers to help inspire him with his own music path.

Now Jesse is writing songs with feeling and showing his roots through his music. He has a great combination of country swag and west coast pop.

Find out more info about Jesse Scott by visiting his website below: